Phytoceramide Review

Actual Results After Using This New Anti-Aging Supplement

I have never been so excited about an anti-aging product or supplement, probably because I’ve never seen results so quickly and consistently as I have with phytoceramides.  After consistently spending $2,000.00 a year or more trying new things, I can safely say I “hit the motherload” with phytoceramides.  Why?  Because they truly work.  They work because they are what your body is starving for. Phyto ceramides (or plant based ceramides) which are bioidentical to ceramides found in our bodies, so they mimic the affects that our naturally produced or existing ceramides provide for us naturally.

Phytoceramides are anti-aging because they replenish what the aging process removes from four (4) different layers of your skin.  When you take them as supplements, then you are actually healing your body (not just your skin, hair and nails) from the inside out, and when using a topical cream, you are healing your skin where you need it the most (where you place it) from the outside in.  Interestingly enough, our eye sight gets worse as we age because our eyes are drying out; yet phytoceramides will help retain moisture and prolong the aging process, and even help with your eye sight.  I know what you’re thinking:  Pretty exciting if it works, huh?  Keep reading because I’m here to help people regain their youthfulness!

Here’s What Experts Say About Phytoceramides on Dr. Oz:

My website was created because people never believe me when I tell them that I just turned fifty (50) years old. In fact, their jaws usually drop.  I’m a size 4, and I am told that I look like I’m in my early-mid 30’s.  Most people wouldn’t even believe that I’m in my 40’s much less my 50’s.  My last several boyfriends have been 27, 29, 30, 31 and 32, although I don’t feel comfortable in dating younger guys, really, because I don’t want kids and they haven’t even experienced that yet, or most of them haven’t. So, yes, I do everything I can to stay young looking, and I reap the benefits with the compliments I receive in more ways than one. Maybe that’s too much information. Watch my video review of this product to see how excited I really am about its benefits.

I went to a funeral just after I started taking phytoceramides, and my family never really compliments me much or haven’t before.  This time, for some reason, everyone commented on my hair.  They said I looked the best I’ve ever looked.  These are people I don’t see but in a blue moon, for a funeral or wedding type of thing, because we all live such busy lives so far apart.  Interesting.  No one really ever complimented me before (they probably think “I know” or something) and all of the sudden everyone was not only complimenting me, but everyone was saying the same things about my hair.  I had to break out my bottle of phytoceramides and tell them about it.  Some took pictures with their ipad or their phone, and others actually wanted to give it a try.  My cousin looked awful (her complexion) and the next day after taking just one, her face looked pure or something, it was an amazing difference.  I saw it, but I don’t think she believed it, or just wasn’t used to or prepared to receive a compliment.  Her complexion was more pure after taking just one, 12 hours later.  I was sincere whether she believed it or not.

Anyway, I give you a lot more details on all the things I noticed in my video review of the product.  Most people don’t like to read, so I filmed a review to reach out to as many people as possible to share the good news.  I saw results, personally, in the first 12 hours, and then I elaborate over the first few days to weeks to months… in amazement.  Things I never thought I would experience, or never even hoped to see a difference as a result of taking phytoceramides… which is why they call them “miracle phytoceramides”, I’m sure.  Be sure to check out my other articles and videos regarding the benefits of phytoceramides at my website

My recommendation? I like the combination of taking both the phytoceramide capsules to heal your body from the inside out (which is how I experienced all the benefits in the beginning), but it’s even better when you take them in addition to the topical cream – that you can place directly on  your problem areas – to heal your face, neck, etc. from the outside in.  That’s why I recommend the capsules + cream combination. You can also get some great savings when you buy more than one (like if you buy 2, you’ll get 1 free – or buy 3, and get 2 free (of the combination of the capsules and the cream) and if you hit the “back” button but then opt to stay on the page? You’ll get free shipping!)  Why not, when you are going to love this product, then you won’t have to go through the hassle of reordering.

DISCLAIMER: Now, 99.9% of people are going to love this product hands down, and all the benefits they will see within the first few days to few weeks (I saw benefits in my first few days).  Especially by consuming capsules to “heal from the inside out” and the moisturizer to “heal your skin from the outside in“. BUT… There’s always an odd ball in the group, so if there is any problem whatsoever, and for some reason you don’t like one of them, or both (and I believe you will love this combination), the company provides 100% “no questions asked” money-back guarantee… so there is no risk in trying this new, revolutionary anti-aging (actually should be coined age “reversal” product) whatsoever.

Best of luck in all your endeavors!

Phytoceramide Review

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